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East Surf Co.

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Surfing has been a way of life for thousands of years among Pacific Islanders and other cultures throughout the western hemisphere. In ancient times, surfing prowess earned you actual political power. In the early 1900s, surfing began to be recognized by international sporting agencies as a legitimate sport, which led to surfing’s mainstream popularity peaking in the United States in the early 1960s — music, movies, and television programs were dedicated to the surfing lifestyle.

Though surfing has transitioned throughout time to meet the modern lifestyle of today’s wave riders, we are glad to see certain aspects of the sport, like brands, placing an emphasis on sustainability through originality.

The aim of East Surf Co. has always been to lure others to venture into the water through product and design.

Matthew and Joanna are the husband and wife team who created East Surf Co. out of the desire to make original products and content that reflects their shared experiences and love of the ocean. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the couple collaborates to craft the organic blend of beeswax and natural, tackifying resin that creates an ultra sticky, long lasting surf wax.east surf co wax

Originally, Matthew and Joanna realized that there wasn’t an easy alternative to the petroleum-based waxes from the big-name surf wax companies. Given the predicament, they started experimenting with white beeswax, crafting the wax in their Providence, Rhode Island kitchen. After about four years of trial and error, they were finally confident in the wax they developed to start East Surf Co.

The bars are made by hand and designed with a unique trademarked “crescent grip” to offer a leverage point for easy application. Interested in their unique process? Check out this hypnotizing video:

East Surf Co.’s wax does not contain paraffin, which is a hardening agent found in most conventional waxes, making it softer than normal surf wax. The couple spent a lot of time designing varying waxes for cool, warm and tropical water temps. The tough part was coming up with a final product that didn’t completely disintegrate before a surf session was over. Finally, they felt strong enough in their creations to put all three temperatures up for sale in their shop, along with a handmade walnut wax comb — a big-time best seller.

No matter which coast is the best coast, taking this organic wax with you to the waves is a guaranteed good time.