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Clearly Kombucha

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Fermentation in the food world is far from new. In fact, it may be one of the oldest food preparation techniques around. Long before we were sipping kombuchas, our ancestors were using this process as a means of keeping their food from spoiling in age without refrigeration. Lately, despite our ability to preserve and refrigerate food, fermentation is all the rage again.

Today, there quite a few kombuchas out there, but one brand is daring to be different. Crafted in the San Francisco Bay area, Clearly Kombucha is dedicated to creating the most palatable and fun (not to mention authentic) kombucha possible. Clearly Kombucha brews a light and refreshing kombucha to reflect its team’s belief that “you come alive when you lighten up.” Its refreshing taste, low sugar content and light-hearted spirit are all reasons to celebrate. Clearly Kombucha believes it’s easier to make healthy choices when they taste great – a belief that we here at Perfect Bar definitely share! They also value transparency, which explains the clear look to their creation.

It all began in 2009 with home-brewed kombucha and a few friends playing around with different recipes, attempting to create a kombucha that was smoother and easier to drink than the store-bought variety. The founders tried recipe after recipe, sharing it with their friends, until they got it right.

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Every Clearly Kombucha bottle is handled with care. The ingredients are easy to understand, fair-trade and non-GMO, even on the craftiest of flavors, like Chai Cola, Asian Pear, Black Currant, Raspberry Ginger and Strawberry Hibiscus. The products are also gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher. Clearly Kombucha is brewed from whole-leaf green tea, fermented with a SCOBY, and then cold filtered for clarity.

Clearly Kombucha also donates 1% of its sales to the International Rescue Committee, a global aid and relief organization that helps refugees to build a healthier, more secure future for families uprooted by persecution, conflict or natural disasters.

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For Clearly Kombucha, it’s all about better: making better booch, becoming better people, and creating a better world. Love all around, indeed.

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