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Changing Up Your Fitness Routine With Daylight Savings

Posted by Jess Norby on

Daylight Savings time, whether you’re springing forward or falling back, takes some serious adjustment. With longer nights comes darker mornings making morning workouts tough, but post-work exercise more likely. And vice versa for the fall. Regardless of where the extra or lost hour falls, staying true to a workout regimen will actually help you persist past the sleepiness and find your new routine faster.

Hoping to hit the ground running this time around? Here are three simple tips to get you going:

Continue to Eat a Balanced and Nutritious Breakfast

A balanced and nutritious breakfast can get us going on the right foot. By ensuring that our breakfasts incorporate adequate amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, we’ll have more energy for the day and the ability to stick to our workout routine. Imagine for a moment, a less-than-ideal breakfast situation: a quick “meal” that consists of simple carbohydrates and high amounts of added sugar. With limited amounts of sustained energy in our systems, we may feel depleted and less motivated to exercise later in the day.

Team Up With a Friend For Accountability

Having someone join us in our morning or afternoon workout can truly work wonders. An accountability buddy makes it more likely to spin class or circuit training at the gym. There is nothing quite like knowing that you and a friend are helping each other work toward crushing your fitness goals and staying honest with yourselves.

Resist the Urge to Press Snooze

One of the best ways to ensure an escape from the cozy, warm comforts of your bed is to…get out of bed! Resisting the urge to press snooze can be a huge plus to our morning productivity. After all, getting a couple of minutes of extra sleep doesn’t necessarily help us feel more energized. Rather than snoozing for 15 minutes, consider the momentum of a productive day started with a sweat sesh.