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Caveman Coffee Co.

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Some days, you need your coffee strong. And buttered.

That’s what the founders of Caveman Coffee Co. wanted. So, they developed a brew that goes beautifully with a high-fat, Paleo diet and they focus on the sustainability of their product along the way.

Founded by Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey and based in Albuquerque, NM, Caveman Coffee is looking to share with the world the idea that fueling with fat instead of sugar is the next best thing. Caveman Coffee was initially created to cater to the Paleo diet, so they found roasts that go well with butter (what, you haven’t buttered your coffee yet?).

Putting grass-fed, clarified butter in your cup-a-joe, instead of sugar or cream, is a great way to get the fat you need to give your body sustained energy. Coconut oil can be used, as well. The taste? It’s not much different than adding heavy cream. After all, that’s pretty much what butter is– heavy cream that’s been churned.

Caveman Coffee Bags

The trio behind Caveman Coffee wanted to create an additional roast with notes of a traditional dark coffee, but retained some of the unique flavor found in their White Gold, which is a cross between a light roast and an un-roasted green coffee bean. The result is Blacklisted, which boasts a nutty, woodsy flavor. It’s a remarkable experience, truly. This dark roast is a signature, post-roast blend of single origin beans that is bold with a full body and low acidity, all in one cup.

Caveman Coffee is not only a single origin/single estate coffee, it is a single family coffee. That means that the beans are grown, washed, dried and roasted by one, single family. A father and son team run the growing and drying in Columbia, the the other two sons handle the small batch roasting — a true family affair. The farm is in Cauca, Columbia at 5,515 feet above sea level. Caveman Coffee is also apart of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Rainforest Alliance, which makes it recognized far and wide.

With athletic backgrounds ranging from MMA to functional fitness and yoga, the team behind this brew knows what it takes to fuel through the tough stuff (tougher than your average Monday morning, we mean). Their products are geared toward getting that extra rep in at the gym, fighting through an intense rolling session on the mats, and supporting the body as you dominate your day.

And no cup-o-Caveman would be complete unless it was enjoyed in a black caveman kettlebell mug. Each of these mugs are handmade, ceramic and hold 16 oz. of joe. They’re also cleverly designed to stand on their side, like a kettlebell, so you can easily get a little kettlebell routine while your morning cup!

Coffee Kettlebell Mug

Helpful hint: Before grinding, be sure to shake up the bag. The lighter beans are heavier and sink to the bottom.

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