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Posted by Katie Orphey on

It’s completely understandable to walk right out of the gym if you forgot your music. We get it. Hopefully, with this Stuff We Love fab find, that won’t ever be the case again. Founded in 2006, Mark Morgan and Jytte Nielsen took their passion for being eco-friendly and coupled it with their philosophy to offer a high-quality fitness product, and Armpocket was born. In this technology-driven age, fitness nuts have the modern-day problem of figuring out how to carry and protect their essential items, while also experiencing the freedom to focus on their fitness and performance goals. While searching for the perfect carrying solution, one shouldn’t have to compromise fit or function – that’s where Armpocket comes in.

Woman running with Armpocket

The reduce, reuse, and recycle concept is the core of each armband. By making a product that lasts, Armpocket is helping the environment by reducing the consumer’s overall consumption. A purchase actually becomes an investment rather than unnecessary waste, which starts a cycle that positively impacts the planet.

Queue your running playlist, because this eco-friendly find makes it that much easier to bring your bulky BFF that’s always attached to our hip (yeah, we’re talking about your phone) with you on your run. Armpocket is an economical arm band made from recycled plastic bottles and naturally-sustainable, moisture-wicking bamboo. Jamming out at the gym or on your run has never been this green!

Blue Armpocket filled with goods

Want in on the fun? Enter to win one of your very own ArmPockets Armband Mega i-40’s as part of our Eco-Friendly Stuff We Love for March: