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9 Fresh Faves To Get You Back On The Grind

Posted by Cat Canada on

Summers are best spent care-free and sun-drenched, so getting back into the flow of work, school, and life in general, can be tough. Well, we are here to help you ease back into adult-life with as much grace, style, and health as we can! Check out our 9 fresh faves to help you hit the ground running:

Collagen Beauty Water Stick Pack

Photo credit: @vitalproteins

A fun way to stay hydrated-that includes important sources of nutrition for healthy skin, nails, and hair. Keep this little kick of collagen in your backpack, pocket or purse to give your water the boost of nutrients it needs.

Youth to the People Moisturizer

Photo credit: @youthtothepeople

You know how we love our superfoods! This “superfood moisturizer” is topping our list of good-for-you skincare because it is oh so important to not forget about skin during this transition from summer to fall. We know what wonders whole foods can do for your body, so imagine the magic of these clean ingredients on your face.

Stumptown Sparkling Cold Brew

Photo credit: @stumptowncoffee

Sparkling cold brew? Yes, you read that correctly. This caffeinated bubbly drink of your dreams was inspired by the good times spirit of New Orleans, but with the Pac Northwest charm of its creator, Stumptown Coffee Roasters. It’s a great, a surprisingly refreshing way to start your morning or even better as a midday pick me up. Coffee, not your thing? Check out these ways to kickstart your morning without caffeine.

Eve Recycled Cork Backpacks

Photo credit: @eve.cork

Head to work in style with these chic, lightweight, and timeless backpacks by Eve. Plus these bags don’t just look good, they are good for the earth too! The eco-friendly backpacks are vegan and made from recycled cork, making this vintage-inspired bag a win for everyone.

Outdoor Voices Leggings

Photo credit: @outdoorvoices

For the days when you to-do list seems to be endless, these versatile and incredibly comfortable leggings are the best! For a brand who “believes in doing things — moving your body and having fun with friends,” Outdoor Voices knocks it out of the park (or office or yoga class) with these ones!

Fitness Planner

Photo credit: @inkwellpress

Anyone else believe that you can never have too many lists, post-it notes, or planners? This Fitness Planner helps you maximize your workout and reminds you to make healthy choices for food, plus the design is adorable! It is an amazing companion to keep with you throughout your jam-packed schedule.

Swell Water Bottle

Photo credit: @swellbottle

You can’t lose with these classic, insulated water bottles that help keep you hydrated on the go, wherever you go. It’s true portable hydration with style. They are the perfect size (fits in your cup holders), eco-friendly, high quality and made by a company that gives back by committing to provide clean and safe water to places in the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Polk Audio Bluetooth Headphones

Photo credit: @polkaudio

Just because you’re heading back to school or into the office, doesn’t mean you can’t bring your jams with you! And who doesn’t love the ability to dive into your work and knock out that assignment? Bluetooth, portable, affordable, and styling —you really can’t beat these headphones!

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

Photo credit: @drbronner

Getting back to the grind leaves no room or time to get sick. So stay healthy and fresh with this convenient, aromatic, and versatile product. This organic product can be used as a hand sanitizer, deodorant, or air freshener making it perfect to keep it in your purse, car or at your desk.