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6 Ways to Perfect Your Meal Prep

Posted by Cat Canada on

Food is often the star of all holiday parties. And if we’re being honest, it’s sometimes why we RSVP to so many of them; you know that buffet table will be chock-full of cheese plates, sinfully delicious dips and a dessert tray that spikes our blood sugar just thinking about it. It’s the whole love/hate thing of this time of year. We love the season’s reasons to let go a bit, but what about the time outside of your Saturday evening feasts and Sunday morning brunches? How do you stay in line in the in-between time?

Two words: Meal. Prep.

Yes – moderation and balance between celebrations will keep you on track and much happier when your New Year’s resolutions come around. Plus, who doesn’t love saving money and calories this month anyway?

Prepping meals can be a tedious task, which is why fast food exists – so we’re here with six simple ways to perfect your meal prep operations and get you feeling good every day of the week:

1. Count it Out

Not all meal preppers prep the same, so find what works for you. Decide if you want to have just your lunches ready to go or if you’d prefer lunch and dinner on the table in a few minutes too. Literally write out how many meals you’ll need to prep for and start there.

2. Get Creative

Nothing can deter you quite like eating the same thing every day, every night, every week. An easy way to change it up is finding a food blogger or head to Pinterest for boards that are in line with your diet habits. Even with millions of recipes and resources, variety doesn’t have to mean you prepare more food. The key is to not have the same meal every day of the week, but find ingredients that can be used in the same meals every day.

3. Use Versatile Ingredients

With recipes chosen from favorite blogs, make a list! Try thinking in terms of practicality and versatility—what veggies can you use raw in your salads or wraps for lunch that you can cook up at dinner?

  • Try this: Shred chicken from a oven-roasted rotisserie early in the week and use it for an egg white omelette one morning, a chicken salad wrap for lunch and healthy chicken tacos at dinner. All of which you can prep ahead of time, keep in tupperware so they stay fresh, and pull out right before the meal. Voila!

4. Don’t Cheat Yourself.

Yes, meal prepping is about striving to make healthier choices, but your ambitious, full belly on a Sunday night may be your worst enemy come Monday at lunch. Don’t deprive yourself while prepping. Being hungry at work with only vending machine choices is a bummer.

  • Try this: Factor in snack time—bring a piece of fruit or a mini Perfect Bar to keep in your fridge when your serving was cut a bit too short to sustain the rest of your day. The trick here is to have some protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated until your next mealtime and don’t skimp too much on the good-for-you foods you’re making.

5. Get Prepping

Schedule time to grocery shop and meal prep. The worst feeling is having a fridge full of food ingredients with nothing to eat. And that’s just it – your fridge should have real ingredients in it that, unless made with each other, couldn’t be a meal on their own. Now that’s whole food nutrition!

  • Try this: Wash and cut all your fruits, veggies and greens. This way they will be ready to be baked, sautéed, refrigerated or blended according to your week’s menu. Brown meats and boil pastas so you can just toss them into your recipes. Then, when sous chef duties are complete, get cooking!

6. Split It Up

A precursor to this step is to be sure you have enough storage containers for all your goodies. The more organized the storing and transporting step is the better; it makes all the difference on a hectic morning to be able to just grab your food and hit the road!

Try this: The Glasslock Assorted Container Set is a fan favorite over here because it is stackable, BPA-free, microwave and oven safe, freezer friendly, happy in the dishwasher, AND won’t break the bank.

And one bonus tip: Eat UP!

The ultimate pay off for all your hard work is getting to eat your delicious meals. The money saved from not going out to lunch, the results you’ll see from your tough workouts, and the commitment to your health will only be a reality if you stay dedicated to your meals.

Give yourself the ultimate present this holiday—your health! Have other suggestions for meal prepping that works for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Holidays from our kitchen to yours!