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5 Easy Ways to Become A Morning Workout Maven

Posted by Cat Canada on

Climbing into bed with ambitious aspirations, setting your alarm earlier than normal, then hitting the snooze button three times before finally dripping out of your warm sheets and into the shower. Sound familiar? It is a scene that plays out frequently for most of us on the regular.

How, then, can you learn to jump out of bed at the first, timely alarm to get your sweat sesh in before work? It’s doable, but takes a little effort, resiliency and raw determination. However, when those characteristics find themselves catching a few extra ZZZs too, you can always try these tricks:

Here are five easy ways to become a morning workout maven:

1. The Power of 30 Minutes

Often 30 minutes can make or break your morning dreams. So, remember the power of 30 minutes; meaning, go to bed 30 minutes earlier to help you wakeup 30 minutes sooner than your normal up-for-work-time. What is 30 minutes anyway- another rerun of Friends that you’ve already seen 23 times? Spoiler alert, Rachel and Ross end up together, so hit the power button and power down early for the night.

2. Lay Out Your Gear

top view of colorful fitness equipment on wooden floor

Nothing makes it harder to get out of bed than stumbling around in the dark trying to find a pair of socks before having to literally run out the door. Since you typically have more time at night, be prepared for the morning rush by laying out all of your needed gear the night before. You can take this to the next level by planning for your post-workout needs, as well. Lay out your work wear and pack your lunch/breakfast ahead of time, so you’ll literally have no reason to use an excuse for not getting that workout in.

3. Alarm Clock Swag

The alarm clocks holds all the power—it’s like having a personal trainer in our room nudging you to give a little more, only in this case, all you have to do is sit up! So, find a clock that works for you! Most of us live and die by our phones and use that as the alarm, which is fine, but try this trick—move it across the room! It will force you to stand up to turn it off, and usually that’s really the biggest challenge.

And for those sleepy heads who can easily snuggle right back into the nest of your warm bed, check out this new alarm clock: The Ruggie—you have to stand up (and stand on it) to turn it off! PLUS, it’s easily programmable to cheer you on with positive quotes and affirmations to start your day off on the right side of the bed.

Beautiful women jogging on pavement4. Find a Workout Buddy

Something about committing to another person will make you go, I promise! You don’t want to let down your BFF so early in the morning, right? Find a friend, co-worker, or someone you can depend on and keep each other accountable. It also becomes a fun way to start each day—chatting, laughing together, and doing something healthy. It soon will become your favorite part of the day.

5. Make Your Workout Count

You’re finally working out—you’re up and smiling as sun rises, ready to tackle whatever exercises come your way! Make sure you stay smiling and committed to the workout by finding something that works for you. Running may not be your jam, and yoga in the morning may keep you snoozing. That’s okay! There’s no secret ingredient to happy workouts, so find what works for you and your body! You will be happier and stronger for it!


Did we get all the tips you would suggest? Have something that works for you that we missed? Let us know! We are always looking for that little extra motivation to help get our booties up and at ‘em!