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3 Ways to Spring Clean From the Inside Out

Posted by Nicole Pyles on

It’s spring — a time of growth, rebirth and full blooms all around. You’ve probably started at least some spring cleaning rituals (and it’s okay if you haven’t); so, while you’re cleaning out the closet, stacking up items for the donation bin, and dusting out cobwebs, it’s also time to spring clean on the inside — after all, you can only do your best work physically if you feel your best.

We have a few tips for you on how to rejuvenate yourself on the inside to step out this spring with a fresh perspective.

1) Do a social media detox.

Would it surprise you to learn that adults are on social media for at least an hour and forty minutes per day? (SOURCE) It surprised me too. That doesn’t sound nearly long enough! If you find that social media has become more of an addiction than a healthy way to connect with your world, you may want to challenge yourself to a social media detox.

Take the challenge over the weekend. Remove social media apps from your phone and change your passwords so you can’t check your social media until your detox is over. Convince family and friends to join in and see how your world changes once you are no longer able to check in on a regular basis!

If you are curious about the impact of a detox, check out this 30-day detox and how it impacted one writer’s world.

2) Reconnect with your goals.

As we get into the day-to-day grind, it’s often easy to forget about where we are at with the goals we have set for ourselves. Whether it’s a career goal or personal growth goal, take a moment to journal and check in with yourself about what you want to accomplish. If you’ve gotten off track of where you want to be, take the advice from Psychology Today that suggests turning your goal into a habit. Wake up and the morning and journal about what you hope to accomplish that day and make a to-do list.

Also, find out what you spend the most time doing and trick your brain into not making it so easy to do, if it’s become a distraction. Remember that social media detox? If you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed more often than working on that novel or your new yoga routine, remove the app from your phone completely. (SOURCE).

3) Get rid of bad habits.

Whether it’s decluttering your clutter or staying disciplined on healthier eating habits, it can be hard to break out of the bad behavior. Start out by understanding why this habit is in place at all. Is it boredom that makes you check Facebook? Write about the times you seek out this bad habit and what triggers it. From there, think about ways you can replace it. (SOURCE) If you have the habit of reaching for chocolate in the afternoon, replace that afternoon snack with a piece of fruit (or one of the new Chocolate Perfect Bars).

Or, go for a five to ten-minute walk instead, knowing that your mind is likely bored, versus your body being hungry.

Instead of checking Facebook, call a friend or send a text to someone to see how they’re doing. Also, tell a friend or family member about the habit you are trying to break; being accountable to someone can be an excellent way of keeping yourself in check. (SOURCE)

Spring time is an excellent way to start fresh. So, as the flowers outside bloom, make new habits that you can foster and grow, too. Make today the start of something beautiful — you won’t regret it!