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Snack-sized Workouts for Your Busy Schedule

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If no one has told you today, let us be the first: you’re doing great. Trying to pack in a full work day, social life, and caring for your home can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get a workout in or actually use the gym membership you’ve had for months.

That’s why we put together the reasons a 30-minute or less workout can help you reach your fitness goals and fit into your schedule. So, grab your sneakers, and let’s jump in.

Workout Lengths and Benefits

No, really. Medical professionals at PartnerMD say that a workout this length is plenty of time to get the health benefits you’re looking for — if you make the most of it.

Heath coach and writer for PartnerMD, Brandon Rice, mentions the four principles of working out will determine what benefits you get out of your workouts:

  • Frequency: How often and consistently you work out.
  • Intensity: The impact of your workouts.
  • Time: How long your workouts are.
  • Type: The actual activity you’re performing for your workout.

When your workout times are limited to 30 minutes or less, your time principle is already determined, so you have to turn up the other three, frequency, intensity, and type. Let’s take a look at a few fun yet intense workouts you can implement today.

Workouts That Still Pack a Punch

To get the most out of a short workout, you’ve got to have a plan of action. Here are a few workout types you can tap into:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Whether you’ve heard of this type of workout or not, this is a great way to touch on nearly every muscle group with resistance training, explosive movements, and short rests. A study in the journal Experimental Gerontology notes that HIIT workouts offer the body improved composition, muscle power, and metabolism rates, and lowered triglyceride fats.

Sprint Interval Training (SIT)

If you’re trying to get the most out of your workout, intensity is important. Consider running hill workouts and spring interval training. Healthline notes that SIT “improve athletic performance and aerobic and anaerobic fitness.” This type of training has proven to improve running ability in professional athletes as well.


Maybe weight loss isn’t your primary goal, or you’re looking for quick ways to cross-train throughout your week instead. 30 minutes of yoga can have a huge impact on your blood circulation, stress relief, and flexibility, according to Healthline. They found that even 12 minutes of yoga can have benefits.

Make Working Out and Fueling Up Part of Your Routine

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